HDT M1030-M2 LE 670


Interesting Bike Wouldn't mind having one..........

Then they set out along the blacktop in the gunmetal light, shuffling through the ash, each the other’s world entire.—Cormac McCarthy, The Road.

When the apocalypse comes, this is the bike I will be riding. Because it’s probably the toughest bike in the world. It’s the civilian version of the Hayes Diversified Technologies M1030, the most highly regarded military motorcycle in the West. It’s not yet on sale, although there’s a waitlist you can get onto. The price will be $18,500 + tax and shipping, and there are several things that make this machine something out of the ordinary. For starters, the M1030-M2 LE 670—to give it its full name—can run on seven different fuels including diesel, biodiesel, JP8 aviation kerosene and other military fuel variants. It’s based on the already bulletproof Kawasaki KLR650, but the engine is HDT’s own: a 670cc 4-stroke, indirect injection liquid-cooled thumper. Output varies according to fuel quality, with the optimum being 33hp—good enough for 152 kph (95 mph). Hit the water and you’re still doing fine, because this bike has a fording depth of 610mm, so it can safely traverse water two feet deep. All lights meet military specs for ‘blackout lighting’, whatever that is, and you can even specify an infrared driving light—pictured below—which sounds like fun. Pretty much everything on the HDT M1030 is not only heavy duty but also waterproof, dustproof and non-reflective, right down to the fork boots. And you can ride all day without having to refuel, because the range is 653 km at a very brisk 90 kph (408 miles at 55 mph). The only downside is that this diesel motorcycle comes in just one color: tan. But if you find yourself needing this machine, color is probably going to be the least of your worries. [For more diesel motorcycle goodness, check out the stylish Track T-800CDI from Holland. It's the evil twin of the KTM Adventure, and it's on sale right now.]


Cool bike, I want to get one. I have the M1030 A2 now

don't care about the price, i'd buy one


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